A Guide to Choosing the Right Printer for Your Business

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No matter what is the nature of your business, big or small. But we can’t deny this fact that every business needs to use a printer.  And that need may not be to print a document or form, always, but simply to scan the document to attach to an email. And thanks to the all-in-one printer, which has made our work so easy with their multitasking feature.  But, how to choose the best printer for your business?

Well! In that case, you need to consider the following points in your mind while choosing a printer:

         How much do you want to spend on a printer?

         What features do you need?

         For what kind of printing do you want a printer?

         How much printing will you do?

         What additional role do you want your printer should have like photocopying, faxing and scanning?

Features you should look for in a printer:

1) Printing color vs. black and white:

Color vs. black and white is based on requirement whether you need an inkjet or laser printer. Generally, text-heavy documents are best served in black and white whereas newsletters, brochures and other marketing materials are usually printed in color. Color laser printers are best for printing photos, color presentation, charts and spreadsheets. Inkjet printers are better for image printing.

2) Wireless printer:

These kinds of printers are often called cloud printing and they use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to send documents to be printed, faxed or copied. They are best not because of this but also because they are smaller in size, which directly means they are portable and can be connected to multiple locations. This is the greatest fit for companies who may need printing for multiple laptops.

3) Multi-functionally device:

The multi-task working machine is always on top of everyone’s list; in the same way, if a printer delivers high-quality scans, occasional fax or directly emails your scans to your selected recipient then what else anyone can wish for. If you only require printing a document, then a standard printer is best for you whereas if you want a printer to scan or fax or stapling or hole punching your documents then the multi-functional printer is what you should go for.

4) The speed which matters:

Speed of the printer is measured in pages per minute which can differ between color laser printers. This factor is as important as other factors because one slow speed printer can interrupt your workflows which directly affect your business profitability. Host-based printers lack their own image-processing power as they are more depended on the connected PC which is used to handle them. Printer with any dedicated processor, the higher the megahertz, the faster the machine can receive and print a job fast.

5) Paper handling choices:

The printer should offer an appropriate paper-handling capability which should be expandable to accommodate subsequent growth. Not only this but there is some more factor which we should take into consideration while choosing a printer like it is difficult to reload the paper, especially in the middle of the print job. So, choose a printer that has enough paper handling capabilities so that you will be stress-free after assigning the printing job once.

6) Printer support experts:

The printer is a complex device which runs through the set of computer commands and works as per the user’s requirements. And while setting up or using the printer sometimes you can also encounter the issue affecting its performance and functionality. Hence, our printer support services are always there to help you with fixing such errors at root levels to prevent your device from any major losses.


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