How You can Improve Router Connectivity of Your Home Wireless Network

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Many numbers of times we all have experienced the pain of having week Wi-Fi signals. You can sense the frustration. In your living room, the Wi-Fi is working at the lighting speed whereas when you move to your bedroom it will move at the snail’s pace. And then you try to turn off of all the devices which are connected with the home Wi-Fi, so that your one device will work properly. Did you know that there are some simple adjustments which you can make to improve the overall connectivity? NO, then check out my recommended steps to improve the connectivity:

1)      Move your router:

Wireless networks work over a limited distance. The home network only includes one wireless router that can cover a single-family without any issue. The home structure largely affects the Wi-Fi signal. Home structure means the material used like brick, metal, concrete and plaster has a high interference level.  This is too responsible for weakening the Wi-Fi signals. The simplest solution to this problem is to put the router to the central location in your home where the signal doesn’t have to compete with the building structure and provides you with the full connectivity.

2)      Reset your router:

This is the foremost and easiest way to increase the speed of the router. Don’t underestimate its power as this small step can fix all speed related and many other issues. Rebooting your wireless router can alleviate internet connection and boost your speeds.

3)      Band and channel:

Try to set up your router away from the electronic devices. Electronic devices mean baby monitor, cordless phones and microwave ovens. As the signals of the electronic devices will cause interference with the signals of the wireless network. So, more these devices will be away from the router more it will work fast. Try to switch the routing channel. Usually, the 2.4Hz band uses three non-overlapping channels which is 1, 6 and 11, so switch the router to the less crowded channel can help to improve the Wi-Fi signal strength.

4)      Update the software:

Updating software sometimes might give the best solution to all software issues. So, if you have figure out that the router is labeled as 802.11b or 802.11g, then you should update it to the newer model which supports 802.11n wireless network standard. This only solution can solve the routing problems in seconds.

5)      Call the router support:

Something, even following the process step by step couldn’t work. So, in that case, you contact our router support, which is always there to fix all your problems and make the router an effective device, free from all the major losses.

6)      If nothing works, then:

Purchase a newer, high-end router, only when all the above method fails. No doubt, there are numerous advantages to purchasing a brand new router which will give you faster internet speeds. This will also give you improved home security features and will be compatible with the wider spectrum of devices.

Title: how you can improve router connectivity of your home Wi-Fi

Description: we all have experience the pain of weak signals many time. But not anymore! Check out the easy steps to improve the connectivity of your wireless network.



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