5 Ways to Make Tired and Sluggish PC a Brand Spanking New!

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It is extremely frustrating when pc works slow. Right? And we waste many hours in finding the reason for that. There are many factors which can drag the performance of your computer. Be that malware, bugs, viruses or hardware, anything can be the reason for slow performance. It is not important that every time you’re PC needs replacement. There are some simple and hardware tricks which can fix the PC. How? Check it out:

1) Remove unnecessary applications:

Whenever you purchase a new device it already comes with many pre-installed applications, which you don’t need. Some tools which you never use and will only consume space and resources on your computer. So, whichever application you feel like is not useful, you can uninstall it.

1.       Open Settings.

2.       Click on Apps.

3.       Click on Apps & features.

4.       Select the app you want to remove.

5.       Click the Uninstall button.

2) Startup application:

There are a lot of programs which you might have installed, will automatically configure themselves to launch on the startup and run in the background which actually consume a lot of system space and slow down your pc. So, if you don’t use it on a daily basis and your device doesn’t have enough power for them then you should stop it by using the task manager. Follow these steps to stop the startup applications:

1.       Right-click the Taskbar.

2.       Select Task Manager.

3.       Click the More details button (if you’re using Task Manager in compact mode).

4.       Select on the Startup tab.

5.       Click the Status column to sort applications and identify those that are currently enabled to run on startup.

6.       Right-click the app, and select the Disable option.

7.       Repeat step No. 6 to disable other apps.

8.       Restart your computer.

3) Clean the system’s temporary file:

Whenever you use your system or internet, then automatically cookies get accumulated into your computer. They are also responsible for poor performance. So, it is very important to clean those temp files from time to time. Steps to clean those files are:

1.       Click on start icon at the taskbar

2.       Type RUN on the search option

3.       Once the “run console” will open. Type “%temp%” in it

4.       Select all the files of the window appears in front of you and delete all of them.

5.       Restart your device

4) Add more RAM:

This is also another best option to optimizing the computer. You can add more RAM, to increase the computer capacity. According to the facts, if the machinery is very old, then you have to extend its utility with RAM upgrade. Sometimes you can replace it on your own but sometimes you need the help of an expert like laptops are slightly trickier as you have to remove screws in order to fit the RAM.

5) Upgrade SSD drive:

If adding RAM doesn’t work then upgrade systems SSD drive. This will make your computer faster for sure. If by chance, nothing will work from the above mentioned tricks and then you call our pc support anytime, anywhere; they are always there in your support. But don’t let a slow machine stop your productivity. Use this trick to elevate the system’s speed and let the laptop work smoothly.

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